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About GeoVecor

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GeoVector Corporation (originally known as Criticom Corporation) began conducting research into augmented reality in early 1990s. The company, co-founded by John Ellenby (who also founded laptop and mobile computing pioneer GRiD Systems Corporation), devised a method to use sensors in a mobile device to remotely access relevant information associated with real world locations and places.

The majority of GeoVector’s R&D and intellectual property to date has been centered on the concept that knowing the position and orientation of a mobile device allows an application to provide digital information associated with locations in the real world to a user based upon the direction the device is being pointed.

What We Do

We educate the industry through our patent teachings and through our prototypes and, where appropriate, through fully fielded systems in partnership with our licensees and partners world-wide.

GeoVector is a company with deep expertise in the research, development and fielding of mobile computing systems and certain key underlying technologies. Our aim is to accelerate the growth rate and expansion of the market for spatially aware mobile devices.  To do this we make available and share our intellectual capital across the industry through our licensing programs.

We enable the market by licensing our patents on reasonable terms. Our business is focused on the licensing of our complete patent portfolio.  Our license programs provide access to our entire portfolio of issued patents. Additionally rights to pending patents may also be secured.

We promote design freedom for licensees.  Rather than promoting any particular product or technology; we maintain an agnostic perspective promoting design-freedom and implementation-neutral approaches to mobile computing. 

We provide direct technical and business assistance in implementation.  Our licensing partners gain access to our technical and business knowledge.  We provide the knowledge to deploy robust user friendly mobile computing solutions.

The company continues its R&D and filing of additional patents in the fields of directional search, augmented reality, the efficient operation of spatially aware devices, and other aspects of spatially aware computing and photography.