Milestones – GeoVector

September 10, 1993 first Augmented Reality patent filed.

May 1998 the World’s first pointing search platform, “Little Guy,” debuts.

January 2002 – Inclusion of GeoVector article The Pointing Wireless Device for Delivery of Location Based Applications (Pamela Kerwin et al.) Article in Book The Application of DSPs in Mobile Communications (Gatherer and Auslander)

In 2002 GeoVector contracted Socket Communications to make PCMCIA cards equipped with GPS and Compass, GeoVector Pointing Cards, for use in Pocket PCs. See the card in action here.

Microsoft .NET case study in 2002. Welcome to New Zealand Pocket PC application demonstrates the power of the .NET Compact Framework when combined with GPS and Heading Sensors.

In 2003 GeoVector created a location-based game, Real World Doom, allowing people to fight monsters on the streets of Auckland.

2003: GeoVector along with partners Vodafone, HP, Microsoft, Virtual Spectator and Animation Research Ltd showcase Actual Spectator Augmented Reality app at America’s Cup Sailing Races in Auckland, New Zealand.

The San Jose Mercury featured GeoVector on the cover of their business section on September 27, 2004.

January 2006: GeoVector & Mapion deliver the World’s first Pointing Based Search for mobile phones.

Mapion Local Search on the news in Japan.

The New York Times featured GeoVector on the cover of their business section on June 28, 2006.

May 2007: GeoVector and Mapion enhance Mapion Local Search and re-brand it Mapion Pointing Appli. See a video of it in action here.

One Shot Search from NEC Magnus & GeoVector on the news in Japan.

In October 2008, GeoVector launched the location based game Navimon in Japan

In September 2009, GeoVector launched World Surfer (TM) for the iPhone & Google Android platforms. Developed for compass-enabled GPS smartphones, World Surfer allows users to point their phones in a particular direction to search for retailers, restaurants and other points of interest.

February 2010 GeoVector launches World Surfer 2 with Augmented Reality object view for iPhone 3GS platform.

2010 GeoVector begins worldwide licensing program signing licensees in Japan & Europe.

July 2011 Microsoft licenses GeoVector’s patent portfolio.

August 2011 GeoVector partners with ArCzar to expand worldwide licensing program.